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Telangana Nurse Recruitment 2023 for 5204 Applications for Nurse Jobs Outside. GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA, HEALTH MEDICAL SERVICES RECRUITMENT BOARD, NOTICE No. 03/2022, DATE: 12/30/2022 NURSING STAFF (GENERAL RECRUITMENT) Applications for qualified individuals are invited online at the Board website ( in ) for nursing posts in various departments.
ONLINE Application for Nursing Recruitment in Telangana 2023 will open on 01/25/2023 at 10:30am.
The deadline to submit ONLINE Application for Telangana Staff Nurse Recruitment 2023 is 5:00 PM. m. from 02/15/2023.

Telangana Staff Nurse Recruitment 2023 for 5204 Nursing Job Applications - APTEACHERS NEWS (1)

Nurse Recruitment in Telangana 2023 for 5204 Nurse vacancies

Telangana Nursing Recruitment 2023 Details for 5204 Nursing in Various Hospitals in Telangana State, Eligibility, Selection Process, Online Application, Fee Details Explained Below

Telangana Nurse Recruitment 2023 for 5204 Nurse Application

Telangana Nursing Recruitment Highlights 2023

đź“ŚRecruitment of new nurse jobs in Telangana National Health Service
đź“ŚAge between 18 and 42 years old can apply
đź“ŚBy starting the job you will receive a salary from â‚ą36,750/- to â‚ą1.06.990/-.
đź“ŚStellenangebot als Director of Medical Education/ Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, Telangana Vaidya Vidhan Parishad, Education Institutions, Department of Tribal Welfare.
The last application date is February 15, 2023.

Telangana Staff Nurse Recruitment 2023 Details in Telugu

Telangana Government Health Services Recruitment Committee Notice No. 03/2022 dated 12/30/2022 Nursing Staff (General Recruitment). Online applications are welcome. for nursing positions in different departments. (1.1) The online application begins at 10:30 a.m. m. on January 25, 2023.

) The last deadline for submitting the online application is February 15, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

(Note: Time will be allowed between the publication of this notice and the start of receipt of the online application forms to allow individuals who have contracted/outsourced experience in state government hospitals/facilities/programs to obtain certificates of experience from the relevant authority).

Positions, vacancies, age qualification and salary table are listed below. Interested candidates can refer to the details given below regarding educational qualifications, age limit, selection process, important dates and apply if suitable.

Telangana Registered Nurse Job Posting Details Table 2023

to post
name from
to post
department number of
Job offers
01 team of nurses Director of Medical Education / Director of
Public health and family well-being
02 team of nurses Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parishad 757
03 team of nurses MNJ Institute of Oncology and Regional
Cancer Center (MNJIO&RCC)
04 team of nurses Department for Disabled and Elderly
05 team of nurses Residential area of ​​the Telangana minority
Society of Educational Institutions
06 team of nurses Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Telangana Back ClassesWelfare Residential
Society of Educational Institutions
07 team of nurses TelanganaTribalWelfareResidential Educational Institutions Society
08 team of nurses TelanganaSocialBienestarResidencial
Society of Educational Institutions
09 team of nurses TelanganaResidentialEducation
institutional society
In total 5.204

TS Nurse Recruitment 2023 Salary Details

The salary scale associated with these positions ranges from 36,750 to 1,06,990.
The starting base amount for selected nurses is Rs 36750/-. Aside from the basics, the salaried nurses are entitled to pay and other allowances as directed by the Telangana government.

Nursing Staff Selection Process in Telangana Recruitment 2023

SELECTION PROCESS(G.O.Ms.No.60, Department of HM&FW(B), dated: 7.6.2022; G.O.Ms.No.59, Department of HM&FW(B), dated: 7.6.2022 & G.O.Ms.No.63, HM&FW ( B) Department, date: 14.6.2022)

TS 2023 Nursing Recruitment Selection Process:

đź”·Written test
đź”·Medical examination
đź”·Based on certificate verification, etc. Please refer to the notification below in PDF format for more details.

Applicants are selected on the basis of 100 points, from which:

  • A maximum of 80 points per percentage of points earned in the written exam (the written exam is worth 80 points and consists of multiple choice questions).
    A maximum of 20 points are awarded per service at state government contracted hospitals/facilities/programs.
  • Service in state government hospitals/facilities/programs for contract and agency workers will be awarded a maximum of 20 points as follows:
  • 2.5 points every 6 months for service rendered in tribal areas.
  • 2 points every 6 months for services rendered in non-tribal areas.
  • Points are only awarded for completing 6 months
    Points are awarded for services (outsourced/outsourced) provided in state government hospitals/facilities/programs according to the certificates (Appendix-II) issued by the competent authority.
  • Applicants seeking proof of experience must submit an application to the responsible authority. After receiving proof of experience, the candidate must apply online for these positions. You must upload this proof of experience while applying online for the above positions.
  • Contracted/Outsourced Services points will only be awarded for services in the same position category for which the application was submitted. (For example, if a candidate has applied for a nursing position, she will not be given weight for previous contracts/subcontracted services as an ANM, even if she is qualified for nursing employment.)
  • The application for the application for proof of experience and the form in which the proof of experience is issued are issued by the relevant competent authorities.

Telangana Staff Nurse Recruitment 2023 APPLY Online Required Documents

ich. Tarjeta Adhaar
ii. SSC or tenth grade transcript (to prove date of birth)
iii. GNM/B.Sc Certificate (Nursing)
IV. Certificate of Registration from Telangana Nursing Council
v. Proof of experience (if applicable)
saw. Certificate of enrollment (grades 1 through 7) to claim place status
vii. For candidates who have not studied at any school, a certificate of residency (grades 1 through 7) issued by the appropriate agency of the Telangana government to claim local status
VIII. Community Certificate (SC/ST/BC) issued by the competent authority of the Government of Telangana (if applicable)
ix. Latest non-cream coat certificate in case of BC issued by the competent authority of the Government of Telangana in Form VII.B.
X. Latest “Certificate of Income and Assets” for applicants claiming the EWS Reserve issued by the relevant agency of the Government of Telangana
xi. Sports certificate issued by the competent authority for applicants claiming a reservation in the sports category
xiii. SADAREM certificate for applicants claiming a PH reserve
XIII. Record of Service for NCC Instructors requesting age reduction
xv. Service certificate for (regular) job applicants who apply for a reduction in age
XV. Photo of the applicant jpg/jpeg/png
xv. Applicant signature jpg/jpeg/png

Telangana Staff Nurse Recruitment 2023 for 5204 Nursing Job Applications - APTEACHERS NEWS (2)

Telangana Nursing Recruitment 2023 Nursing 5204 APPLY ONLINE

Educational Qualifications for Nursing Recruitment in Telangana 2023

ACADEMIC PREPARATION:Applicants must have the following qualifications at the time of notification:
General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) OR B.Sc (Nursing)
Also, applicants must register with the Telangana State Board of Nursing on the day of their application and upload this certification online.

If, at the time the credentials are checked, it is determined that an applicant has a qualification other than that required and confirms that that qualification is equivalent to the one required, the matter is referred to an "expert panel" formed by the Planke. and the Board decides on the basis of the report of the "Expert Committee".

Nursing Recruitment Age Limit in Telangana 2023

YEARS: Applicants must be at least 18 years old and not older than 44 years. Age is calculated on 07/01/2022 (Rule 12(1)(a)(v) of the State and Subordinate Service Rules). (The upper age limit of 44 years is taken into account according to G.O.Ms.No.42, General Administration Department (Ser.A), Dt:03/19/2022)

THowever, the upper age limit prescribed above is relaxed in the following cases:

applicant category Eligible Age Relaxation
1. Telangana State Government Employees (TSRTC employees, corporations, municipalities, etc. are not eligible). Up to 5 years depending on length of regular service.
2. Ex-Military 3 years and service in the armed forces.
3. N.C.C. (who worked as instructors at N.C.C.) 3 Years and Duration of Service Provided by the N.C.C.
4. SC/ST/BC und EWS 5 years
5. people with physical disabilities ten years

Telangana Staff Nurse Recruitment 2023 APP Fee Details

Examination fee:Each applicant is required to pay Rs 500/- (Rs 500 only) to cover the exam fee.There is no fee waiver in this category.
Registration fee:The applicant has to pay Rs. 120/- (only two hundred rupees) for the registration fee. However, the following categories of applicantsfreedpayment of the processing fee.
SC, ST, BC, EWS, PH and ex-servicemen from Telangana State.
Unemployed applicants in the age group 18-44 from the state of Telangana.
Note: Applicants from other states are not exempt from the fee.

  • OC / General Category Rate: 500 +120
  • Telangana State SC/ST/BC/EWS/PH: 120 only.

How to APPLY online for Telangana Staff Nurse Hiring 2023

The application must be made online on the MHSRB website from 10:30am to 5:30pm. from January 25, 2023 to 5:00 p.m. on February 15, 2023.
Applicants must upload all required certificates (original certificates must be presented at the time of application before finalizing the shortlist for review).
Applications once submitted online are final and subsequent changes are no longer permitted.
The reference identification number is generated when the online form is submitted.
The same can be used for future reference.
The applicant must carefully fill in all relevant columns of the application form. The applicant bears sole responsibility for the information provided by him and the decisions of the Board of Directors based on it.

Telangana Nursing Recruitment Official Website & Online Application 2023 Click Here

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