Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (2023)

As the charge nurse, you are responsible for delegating staff, as well as treating patients and performing nursing duties.

The resumes of the best nurses can reflect both their work experience in providing quality healthcare and that all-important human touch.

Check out our sample nurse resume below to see how you can create a resume that balances your work experience with your empathy, management, and listening skills.


  • Sample resume for head nurse
  • How to write a resume for a nursing professional
    • resume design and format
    • Contact details
    • CV profile
    • Work experience
    • education section

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (1)

Charge Nurse CV Example

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (2)

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (3)

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (4)

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (5)

Heresume exampledemonstrates how to structure and format your own nursing resume so that busy hiring managers can easily digest it and quickly demonstrate why you're a good fit for the position you're applying for.

It also gives you a good idea of ​​the type of skills, experience, and qualifications you need to highlight on your resume.

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Structure and format of Charge NurseCV

Do you think your resume is all about content? think again

Your resume should look professional and be easy for recruiters to read, ie. hStructureYFormatYour resume is just as important as the content written on it.

(Video) Nursing Resume Basics

Make it easy to read by using a simple structure that allows anyone to easily navigate your experience.

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How to format your resume

  • Largo:Recruiters are immediately discouragedlong resumes- With hundreds of apps to read, they just don't have the time! Capturing their attention with a short, sharp and highly relevant resume is much more likely to lead to success. Aim for two sides of A4 or less.
  • readability: Recruiters value resumes that they can review quickly and easily. Make sure yours fits the bill by formatting your headings to draw attention (bold or colored fonts should work) and breaking long paragraphs into smaller sections or short, sharp bullet points.
  • Resume Design:When it comes to designing a resume, it's best to keep things simple and elegant. The elaborate designs certainly turn heads, but not always for the right reasons! Readability is key, whatever you do, make sure you prioritize readability above all else.
  • Photos:Recruiters cannot include appearance, gender, or race in the recruiting process, so a profilePhotousually not necessary. However, creative employers like to see them, so you may choose to add one if you think it will add value to your resume.

Short tip: Creating a professional-style resume can be difficult and time consuming when using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. To quickly create a compelling resume, try our partner's resume builder and use one of their eye-catching professional resume templates.

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Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (9)

curriculum structure

AndWrite your own resume, divide your resume into the following main sections:

  • name and contact details– Place them at the top of your CV so employers can easily locate you.
  • CV profile– A powerful selling point of your key experiences, skills and achievements to engage readers.
  • Core competencies section– A snapshot of your skills in a nutshell.
  • Work experience– A well-structured list of your relevant work experience.
  • Training– An overview of the relevant qualifications or professional training you have.
  • hobbies and interests– A brief description of relevant hobbies or interests (optional).

Now let's take a closer look at what you need to docontainin each section of your resume.

CV contact details

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (10)

Start your resume with a simple list of your contact information.
This is what you should include:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address– It is often useful to create a new email address, especially for your applications.
  • Location– Share your town or city; A full address is not required.
  • LinkedIn profile or letter URL– Make sure the information it contains matches your CV and is up to date

Short tip:Eliminate superfluous details such as your date of birth or marital status. Recruiters don't need to know much about you, so it's best to leave room for the other sections of your resume.

Nurse CV profile

They areCV profile(oPersonal opinion, if you are a beginner) provides a brief description of your skills, abilities, and suitability for a job.

It's ideal for busy recruiters and hiring managers who don't want to waste time reading inappropriate resumes.

Think of it as your personal sales pitch. You only have a few lines to sell yourself and prove you're a good fit for the job – make it count!

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (11)

Tips for writing resume profile:

  • Keep it short and sweet:Recruiters are busy. To make sure your profile is actually read, it's best to keep it short and simple. 3-5 expressive lines ensure the perfect profile.
  • customize it:Not customizing your profile (and the rest of your resume) for the job you're applying for is the worst resume mistake you can make. Before you put pen to paper, review the job listing and note the skills and experience required. Then incorporate your ideas throughout.
  • Do not add a goal:Would you like to talk about your professional goals and objectives? While the profile may seem like a good place for them, it's actually a lot better for you.Motivation letter.
  • Avoid generic phrases:cliches like "Blue thinker with reckless attitude"It may look impressive to you, but it doesn't really tell the recruiter much about you. Focus on highlighting hard facts and skills, as recruiters are more likely to consider them.

Example of a resume profile for a ward nurse

Dedicated and strategic head nurse with 12 years of experience as an RN in the community and on a variety of wards. Highly competent Registered Nurse with extensive training in complex procedures and a proven ability to instruct and coach staff through challenging tasks and situations. Organized and empathetic manager with a proven track record of improving efficiency in the room while optimizing staff well-being.

(Video) How To Make a Resume For Nurses | Nursing Job Application

What belongs on your CV profile as a nurse?

  • Summary of the experience:Start with a brief summary of your previous relevant experience. How many years of experience do you have? What type of company have you worked for? In which sectors/areas have you worked? What are your specialties?
  • Relevant skills:Employers need to know what skills you can bring to their company, and ideally, they want to see skills that match your job offer. So, do extensive research on your target roles and add the most important skills as a ward nurse to your profile.
  • Important Qualifications:Be sure to describe your relevant qualifications as a ward nurse so that anyone reading your resume can immediately see that you are qualified for the position for which you are applying.

Short tip: If you're struggling to write an attention-grabbing resume profile, choose from hundreds of ready-to-use profiles from any industry and add one to your resume with one click in our partner's resume builder. All profiles are written by recruiting experts and are easily customized to match your unique skill set.

Core competencies section

Write an essence under your profilecapabilitiesSection so that your most relevant skills attract the attention of readers.

It should consist of 2-3 columns with bullet points of your relevant skills.

Before you do this, review the job description and make a list of any required skills, specializations, or knowledge.

So be sure to use your results in your list. This will portray you as the perfect match for the role.

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (12)

Essential Skills for Your Nursing Resume

station manager– Supervise nurses and other members of the healthcare team to ensure the station runs effectively and efficiently.

patient assessment– Collection of subjective and objective data, family history, surgical history, medical history, medication history and psychosocial history to determine the needs of the patient and create an appropriate care plan.

bedside monitoring– Monitoring of a patient's basic functions, including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and temperature.

diagnostic tests- Performing a variety of tests and procedures necessary to make a diagnosis of a condition, disease, or syndrome.

infection prevention– Compliance with complex control procedures to reduce the risk of infection and contamination.

Short tip: Our partner's resume builder has thousands of in-demand skills for every industry and profession that can be added to your resume in seconds, saving you time and ensuring recruiters take notice.

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (13)

Your area of ​​work experience

Now is the time to look at your work experience, which should make up the bulk of your resume.

Start with your current (or last) job and work backward.

(Video) New Grad Nursing Resume | My Top 5 Tips

If you have too much experience to fit on two pages, prioritize space for your newest and most relevant roles.

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (14)

Structure each role

If you don't pay attention to the structure of your professional history, it can quickly become unwieldy and confusing.

Get into the good recruiting books by creating an enjoyable reading experience using the following 3-step structure:

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (15)


Start with a solid introduction to your role as a whole to provide some context.

Explain the type of organization you worked for, the size of the team you were a part of, who you reported to, and the general purpose of your job.

Main Responsibilities

Record your daily responsibilities on the easy-to-read bulleted parchment.

Be sure to show how you used your skills and knowledge of the hard sector.

main achievements

Conclude by presenting keys 1-3hitsmade within the role.

This can be anything that has had a positive impact on your business, your customers, or your clients, e.g. B. Time or cost savings, exemplary feedback, or an award.

Nursing Caregiver Resume Job Description Example


(Video) Resume Tips for Nurses | FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD

Supervise the nursing team in a 30 bed surgical ward in a large NHS general hospital, providing patient care and coordinating and directing nursing staff throughout the shift.

Main Responsibilities

  • Supervise the admission, transfer and discharge of patients on the floor.
  • Mentor and train new nurses and health care assistants and familiarize them with station policies and procedures
  • Provide patient care and support and perform complex procedures on behalf of young nurses.
  • Maintain regular communication with patients and their families, offer advice and reassurance, and refer them to the appropriate services.

Short tip: Easily create impressive job descriptions in our partner's resume builder by adding ready-made job phrases for every industry and career stage.

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (16)

field of education and qualification

Although your highest and most relevant qualifications should be mentioned earlier on your resume, save your complete list of qualifications for last.

If you are an experienced candidate, just add thoseratingswhich are of great importance for the role of the ward sister.

However, less experienced candidates may submit a more comprehensive list of qualifications, including A-Levels and GCSEs.

You can also devote more space to your title and discuss relevant exams, assignments and modules in more detail if your target employers find them important.

hobbies and interests

This section is completely optional, so you'll need to use your own judgment to determine if it's worth including.

And youhobbiesand interests might make you seem more suitable for your dream job, then they're definitely worth adding.

Industry-related interests or hobbies, such as sports teams or volunteering that provide valuable transferable skills, could be rewarding.

Sample Responsible Nurse Resume + Guide and Template (17)

Write your CV as a nursing professional

A strong and compelling resume is essential for getting noticed and interviewing with the best employers.

To ensure your resume stands out from the competition, be sure to tailor it to your target role and fill it with industry-specific skills and results.

Remember to double check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting.

Good luck with your job search!



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