List of emerging social issues in the world 2021 (2023)

Everyone has faced an endless list of social and economic problems since we woke up and found the sun had risen. Then ten years ago it all started to go downhill with people protesting systemic racism.

It also made them feel bad knowing they didn't have the same rights as their ancestors before them. At the same time, other families could manage quite easily. Still, many struggled due to lack of resources.

The worst pandemic in history, Covid 19, has swept the world and wreaked havoc. For many people, this meant financial hardship. We also witness a lack of trust in global institutions.

Brexit was just another nail to add to the coffin of hope that some were clinging to. But before getting too upset about today's social problems that affect society, try to understand what are the most common problems around the world.

Perhaps it will give a new perspective to your day. Check!

List of social problems around the world

Following is the list of topics of common social problems of different nations:

1. Poverty and homelessness

Poverty and homelessness are global problems. People living in homeless places may not have a good life. Furthermore, a quarter of the world's population lives without a place to sleep, which is detrimental to their health and safety.

There is also more stress on government programs when people living in these conditions go to schools or hospitals.

2. Climate Change

The climate is changing. It is a problem for the whole world and will make life difficult for future generations. The 800 million people living in poverty will be the most affected. There are already changes in weather patterns, such as warmer winters, more severe storms and more frequent wildfires.

Governments and systems are already grappling with these problems that affect rich and poor alike.

3. Overpopulation

As the world's population grows, it's important to ensure there are enough resources for everyone to use. Right now, there are 7.7 billion people, but by 2030, there could be 8.5 billion people. That means countries will have to figure out how to divide their resources and take care of everyone who lives in them.

If they don't, some people will have food and shelter while others won't, which can lead to problems like hunger and homelessness.

4. Migratory stress

People move from one country to another. So it's not a problem. But immigration can be a problem for governments and social systems in other countries. For example, 13.6% of the US population identifies as an immigrant from other countries.

Still, there are many people who are opposed to having more immigrants in the country because they think it will make life more difficult for everyone who already lives there now.

5. Racial Discrimination/Civil Rights

Civil rights are one of the most important issues in the United States. About 60% of African Americans live in neighborhoods separated from other races. Furthermore, 90% of people say that racial discrimination is still a big problem.

The Civil Rights Act has been in place for over 40 years and these issues still exist.

6. Gender inequality

In today's society, girls are not treated the same as boys. Women still earn less money than men and are less likely to be in charge. It's even worse in other countries. An estimated 12 million girls are married before reaching adulthood and 98 million school-age girls do not attend school.

List of emerging social issues in the world 2021 (1)

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7. Availability of medical care

Many people are unable to get healthcare when they need it because of the cost. Some people don't have money, and some people don't want to spend a lot of money on themselves. However, when people are sick or injured, they need access to medical care to get well. If you don't have enough money, you can borrow it or ask someone for help.

Governments around the world are working on this problem, and non-profit organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Partners in Health.

8. Childhood obesity

Some social problems are related to people's health, which also affects their socioeconomic position. For example, 18.5% of American children are obese. Of course, this is a problem in all families, but those with more education and higher income have less obesity than those with lower income and less education.

9. Vaccination

A new disease came from China. It spread all over the world. The disease killed many people and people didn't know how to stop it. But after extensive scientific research, scientists finally found a vaccine that would protect you from Covid in 2020.

Although the vaccine has been discovered, it is still a big problem because there are new waves of Corona hitting different countries with more intensity.

10. Religious discrimination

Racism is a problem everywhere, from America to Africa. Racism affects all aspects of life: interracial family relationships (especially interracial couples), friendships with different ethnic groups, and even job opportunities based on race/ethnicity.

Unfortunately, people can feel uncomfortable talking openly about their racial identity out of fear. These facts will lead them to problems later on.

11. LGBT adoption

You've probably wondered why the LGBT community has a harder time adopting children. One of the reasons is that they are discriminated against. But it's not just about discrimination. There are also debates about whether or not homosexuals should adopt children and whether they should be treated as single parents.

But more and more countries around the world are supporting gay adoption these days!

12. Gender identity

The subject of personal gender is confusing and complicated. Gender identity can be divided into two categories:

  • biological sex (male or female) and,
  • a gender role

This includes how different genders are supposed to look, act and speak. The debate over whether or not gender identity should be added to anti-discrimination law is volatile. The majority of the public is in favor of adding it, but the numbers are always changing and there will likely never be a clear answer until everyone is on the same side.

13. Same-sex marriages/same-sex marriages

Recently, gay marriage has become more accepted around the world. It is now legal in all 50 states of America. Some people support this law and some do not. But unfortunately, we cannot agree to pass a law allowing same-sex marriages or to abolish the law.

14. Women's empowerment

Many people believe that women should have more respect in society. Some people think they should have a lot of power, but others disagree. On International Women's Day (March 11), people celebrate female empowerment and the achievements of women throughout history.

As we move into an era where women can have their voices heard on any topic, there is still conflict between those who disagree with this idea.

List of social problems in the Philippines

  • Lack of funding for the mentally ill
  • Natural disaster
  • hate crime
  • antisocial behavior
  • economic deprivation
  • Lack of evolutionary education.
  • Unemployment
  • sex discrimination
  • domestic violence
  • preteen pregnancy

List of emerging social issues in the world 2021 (2)

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List of social problems in America

  • a energia nuclear
  • Conservatism vs Progressivism
  • Immigration
  • election integrity
  • urban sprawl
  • Extensive stem cell research
  • Religious freedom
  • Homeless
  • Abortion
  • gun control

List of social problems in South Africa

  • Prostitution
  • Harassment and xenophobic attack
  • child abuse
  • The shortage of schools
  • children's right
  • COVID 19
  • drugs abuse
  • foreign policy
  • racial profiling
  • Trash deposit

List of social problems in India

  • gender violence
  • Communism
  • caste system
  • Unemployment
  • The lack of infrastructure
  • hate speech
  • Rural Social Issues vs. Urban
  • Illiteracy
  • sexual harassment
  • Church-State Separation

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